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“National Noh Theatre SHOWCASE” in August

 We are pleased to announce that it’s “National Noh Theatre SHOWCASE” taking place for three months (from July to September, 2020). These performances will be relatively short, lasting two hours, enabling you to experience Noh and Kyogen in a comfortable and enjoyable way. The programs will start with commentary in Japanese, and subtitled in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and French during the performances.

  August 26-27
  Kyogen : Bonsan (The Dwarf Tree Thief)
  Noh: Kiyotsune (The Nobleman Kiyotsune)
  ●Performance details
  ●Story and cast (in Japanese)
  ●Story and cast (in English)
  ●Story (in Simplified Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French)

National Noh Theatre has implemented measures for our visitors to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. For more information click here.