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Enjoy Cherry Blossoms at the National Theatre!

National Theatre Sakura Festival in 2023
March 18 (Sat) - April 3 (Mon)

The National Theatre is a hidden cherry blossom viewing spot in Chiyoda Ward.
Various cherry blossoms other than the Somei Yoshino variety, the most popular species in Japan, are planted. Please enjoy springtime with beautiful and special cherry blossoms.

*The term is subject to change depending on flowering dates.
*We may restrict access to some areas due to the entry and exit of vehicles around the start and end of a performance held at the Theatre.

Sales of beverages, light meals, and National Theatre original merchandise

  • March 21 (Tue) - April 3 (Mon) 12:00-15:00
  • *It will be canceled in case of rain

Admission Ticket/Self-guided Audio Tour of the Theatre Lobby

  • Venue: National Theatre (Large Theatre)
  • Dates: March 28 (Tue) and 31 (Fri) 12:00-15:30 (admission until 15:00)/ April 3 (Mon) 10:30-19:00 (admission until 18:30)
  • Ticket Price: 500 yen (tax included/no charge for elementary school students and younger)

Stage Tour (only in Japanese)

  • Venue: National Theatre (Large Theatre)
  • Date: April 3 (Mon)
  • Starting Time: ①11:00 ②13:30 ③15:00 ④16:30 ⑤18:00 (up to 50 people each time)
  • Duration: about 45 minutes
  • Ticket Price: 1,00 yen (tax included)
  • *The admission ticket on the day is required to attend the Stage Tour.

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Garden Map

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Flowering situation

The flowering situation is being updated on the Japanese site!