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Performer's Comments [Regular performance, May 19]

Performer's Comment

New comments from Nakamura Kunio and Ogasawara Tadashi, who play the main roles in the upcoming event at the National Noh Theatre.[Regular performance on May 19]

From Nakamura Kunio, Noh actor, plays the main role of the Noh “TOGAN KOJI (Togan the Acolyte)”

"Harmony is the essence of an ensemble. The performers gathered on this stage this evening are an ensemble of true professionals. We hope you will enjoy the harmony that we bring to this performance of Togan koji, a Noh play full of artistic technique and expression."


From Ogasawara Tadashi, Kyogen actor, plays the main role of the Kyogen “KUIKA HITOKA (Post or Person) ”

"There are only two characters in this kyogen, with the main actor performing almost entirely in a pantomime-like manner that brings to mind comic rakugo storytelling. This kyogen is particularly unusual for its inclusion of magnificent Noh chants. I am certain overseas visitors will find it quite entertaining and urge them to come to the National Noh Theatre."

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