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“Discover NOH & KYOGEN” on May 27th, 2023

“Discover NOH & KYOGEN” on May 27th, 2023

The National Noh Theatre hosts “Discover NOH & KYOGEN” on May 27th, 2023. Starting in 2016, this program is designed to provide an accessible format for newcomers to NOH & KYOGEN.
This performance “Discover NOH & KYOGEN” consists of two parts to guide you to the world of Noh and Kyogen. Firstly, the Kyogen performer will present a pre-performance lecture in English on Noh and Kyogen, their history and unique stylization. Then you will enjoy the performance of Kyogen “FUTARI-BAKAMA” (Two-in-One Hakama) and Noh “KANTAN” (The Pillow of Kantan). All seats have subtitle monitors in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and French.

 国立能楽堂では、2023年5月27日(土)に「Discover NOH & KYOGEN」を開催します。英語の解説に続き、狂言「二人袴」と能「邯鄲」をお楽しみいただきます。日本語、英語、中国語、韓国語、スペイン語、フランス語の6ヵ国語の字幕付きで、海外からのお客様を含め、能楽を初めて観る方にピッタリの公演です。


Kyogen “FUTARI-BAKAMA” (Two-in-One Hakama)
It is the day of the mukoiri – the bridegroom’s first formal visit to the home of his bride after their wedding. The faint hearted groom is too embarrassed, so he asks his father to come along. When they get to the father-in-law’s house, they realize they only have one hakama trousers for formal wear. Enjoy how the father and son try to overcome the situation.



Noh “KANTAN” (The Pillow of Kantan)
Long ago in China, Rosei, a young man, is on a journey to gain knowledge of how he should live his life. At an inn in the city of Kantan, he is given a magic pillow that “grants knowledge of one’s future life” and falls asleep. In his dream, Rosei is welcomed as an emperor and experiences a glorious reign of fifty years. Eventually, he awakens from the dream and is back in the inn’s room. His fifty years of glory were but a fleeting moment. After he realizes the truth about this world, Rosei returns home. 



Discover NOH & KYOGEN

Commentary (in English)
Shigeyama Sennojo (Okura school) 

Kyogen: FUTARI-BAKAMA (Two-in-One Hakama)
Shigeyama Shigeru (Okura school) 

Noh: KANTAN (The Pillow of Kantan)
Yamazaki Masamichi (Kanze school) 

Performance details   



The National Noh Theatre has implemented health and safety measures for our visitors to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. For more information click here.



狂言 二人袴   
茂山  茂(大蔵流)     

能  邯鄲   
山崎 正道(観世流)