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【Limited Time Streaming】
Dance Performance“Tamatoriama”Streaming Video Now Available for Free!

National Theatre presents the second video of recorded dance performance series.
This time we offer you a masterpiece of Kamigatamai “Tamatoriama” by Inoue Yachiyo the fifth, the head of Kyomai (traditional dance in Kyoto) Inoue-ryu.

The original story of this dance is the Noh play “Ama” which describes a journey to Shido-no-ura Bay in Sanshu, another name of Sanuki province (present Kagawa prefecture) and the scene of a woman diver who retrieves the lost jewel from the Dragon under the sea for the sake of her son’s success in life. The highlight is the spectacular performance of the latter half which is based on‘Tama-no-dan (Act of the Jewel)’of the Noh piece “Ama”.

You can also enjoy the message from Inoue Yachiyo, speaking about her spirit towards the stage.

【Streaming Period】
Until August 31 (Mon), 2020 at 12:00 p.m. JST (The schedule is subject to change.)

【Watch the Video】 (Below is link to YouTube.)
◆Dance Performance “Tamatoriama”

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