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"Welcome to Yose" -Introducing the charm of Yose (vaudeville theater) with a video!-

Welcome to Yose

"Welcome to Yose" is a video that you can feel the charm of Yose (vaudeville theater) in a short time.
The performers are Yanagiya Sankyo, a rakugo storyteller, and Kagami Michiyo, a Daikagura performer. Along with the performances, they talk about their love of the art and their passion for Yose performance.

On August 11, 2020, "Japan Cultural Expo: Yose Theatre 2020" was held at National Engei Hall.
Originally, "Japan Cultural Expo: Yose Theatre 2020 " was supposed to be enjoyed by tourists visiting Japan and many other guests during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, due to the situation of the novel coronavirus infection, we had to reduce the number of the seats by half.
"Japan Cultural Expo: Yose Theatre 2020" was an epoch-making performance in which performers who belong to five different eastern and western associations and do not usually perform on the same stage, gathered across the boundaries among the associations. The two performers in this video were among those superlative performers who appeared on this stage. Taking this performance as an opportunity, this video was produced in two languages, Japanese and English, so that everyone in Japan and overseas could experience the joy of Yose performances.
The charm of Yose that can be introduced here is only a part. Please visit variety theaters all over Japan including National Engei Hall. Rakugo, Kodan (storytelling), Rokyoku (musical narratives), traditional magic show, Manzai, Daikagura, silhouette cutting, and many other Engei variety performances are waiting for you!

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◆Welcome to Yose -Daikagura / Rakugo-

※Under the overarching theme “Humanity and Nature in Japan” the Japan Cultural Expo is introducing the many dimensions of the culture and arts of Japan from the prehistorical Jōmon age to the present: the Japanese aesthetic. On the official YouTube channel of the Japan Cultural Expo, we will post various videos so that you can become more familiar with "the Japanese aesthetic".

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