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【Limited Time Streaming】 “Gion Sairei Shinkoki” Streaming Video Now Available for Free!

National Bunraku Theatre offers ‘Gion Sairei Shinkoki’ performed in April 2019 as its 3rd edition of streaming video series. This edition is available free of charge on the National Theatre’s official YouTube channel until July 15, 2020.

   Matsunaga Daizen who keeps the Shogun Ashikaga’s mother captive to the top floor of Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, also captures Princess Yuki, the granddaughter of a famous painter Sesshū, who is the unfortunate object of Daizen’s desire. Konoshita Tōkichi visits Daizen and has a game of go with Daizen. Tōkichi displays his brightness recovering the wooden container of go stones from a well without wetting his hands.
   In the meanwhile, Princess Yuki is forced to draw the picture of dragon and accepts the offer on condition that she gets some example. As Daizen draws his sward in front of waterfall, the reflection of dragon appears on the face of the waterfall. Princess Yuki who is then tied to a cherry tree recalls the legend of her grandfather that he drew an animal so realistically that it became alive. Then she begins to gather petals of cherry blossoms with her toes and draws a picture of a rat with them. The picture takes life and the rat bites through the rope tying her to set her free.

【Streaming Period】
Until July 15 (Wed), 2020 at 12:00 p.m. JST (The schedule is subject to change.)

【Watch the Video】 (Below is link to YouTube.)
◆‘Gion Sairei Shinkoki’:The Act of Kinkakuji, The Act of Toe-Drawn Mouse

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