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【Limited Time Streaming】“Robensugi no Yurai” Streaming Video Now Available for Free!

National Bunraku Theatre offers ‘Robensugi no Yurai’ performed in January 2018 as its 4th edition of streaming video series. This edition is available free of charge on the National Theatre’s official YouTube channel until July 31, 2020.
Lady Nagisa who was the wife of late Lord of Omi lost her loving son Mitsumaru in the country of Shiga being snatched away by an eagle. Thirty years have passed. Lady Nagisa who went insane after a long search of her loving child hears that a priest named Roben in Todaiji temple in Nara was snatched away by an eagle at his early age and has grown to be the Great Priest (the highest-ranking priest of a Buddhist sect).
Lady Nagisa after finally making it to Todaiji temple puts a pocket paper on which she describes her own history on the giant sugi (cedar) tree nearby Nigatsudo Hall where the Great Priest makes a daily habit of coming to worship. Roben, the Great Priest, sees the piece of writing when he comes to worship at Nigatsudo Hall.
As proof of his identity, he has the very talisman which Lady Nagisa gave to Mitsumaru. For the first time in thirty years the mother and her son meet.

【Streaming Period】
Until July 31 (Fri), 2020 at 12:00 p.m. JST (The schedule is subject to change.)

【Watch the Video】 (Below is link to YouTube.)
◆Todai-ji (At Todai-ji Temple), Nigatsudo (At Nigatsu-do Hall):‘Robensugi no Yurai’

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