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Kabuki Performance for Beginners

Tiara Koto(Large Hall) / Chofu City Green Hall(Large Hall)
Kabuki Performance for Beginners
PartⅠ Guidance "How to Appreciate KABUKI"
PartⅡ Experience the live performance of Kabuki "Yoshitsune Senbonzakura"

 In this Kabuki Appreciation Class, popular Kabuki performances are introduced by a fine Kabuki cast for as many people as possible to casually experience the fascinating world of Kabuki with its history of 400 years. The Guidance "How to Appreciate KABUKI" that precedes the performance also enjoys tremendous popularity, where Kabuki actors give clear and detailed explanations of the highlights of the performance. In addition to a free Kabuki handbook and program, subtitles are also provided this time, making it an excellent opportunity for beginners to enjoy and understand Kabuki.


Performance Dates
July 5(Fri.) - July 12(Fri.) ,2024 at Tiara Koto
July 18(Thu.) - July 27(Sat.),2024 at Chofu City Green Hall

*Please make sure eating or drinking in the auditorium is prohibited.
*Please note that there are no elevators or escalators to the 2nd-floor seats. (Chofu City Green Hall)
*Please note that there are no trash cans. (Chofu City Green Hall)

Curtain Time
11:00AM *except 5(Fri.) and 18(Thu.)
6:30PM *only 5(Fri.) and 18(Thu.)

● Kabuki Performance for Beginners
○ Kabuki for Beginners (Adults and Accompanying Children)
★ Kabuki for Beginners (Evening)


Running Time
Approximately 2 hour including intermission


▼Kabuki Performance
BANDŌ Shingo
NAKAMURA Fukunosuke
NAKAMURA Utanosuke
NAKAMURA Hashinosuke
and others

Tickets(Tax included)
All seats = 1,800 yen
1st Grade = 6,000 yen
2nd Grade = 4,000 yen
Seating plan(Tiara Koto)
Seating plan(Chofu City Green Hall)

*Audio guide: English and Japanese audio guides are available for rent.Click here for details of audio guide. (English auidio guides are available only for July 5-12/18-20)
*Subtitles: Available only in Japanese.
*English synopsis is available. Please ask at the reception desk.

Booking Opens
June 13, 2024

* If there are still tickets available for purchase on the day of the event, you may purchase them in person at the Box Office (on-site) for this performance.
Box Office (on-site):Open from 10:00 AM until curtain time (July 5,18:Open from 1:30 PM until curtain time)

Box Office
 0570-07-9900 (From overseas: +81-3-3230-3000) in Japanese and English (10:00AM - 6:00PM)

Click here to find the details about how to buy tickets.

Book Online

in Japanese


  Minamoto no Yoshitsune, the hero of the Genpei War placed under suspicion of a rebellion by his elder brother Yoritomo, has been harbored in the mansion of Kawatsura Hōgen on Mount Yoshino in Nara. One day, Yoshitsune is visited by Satō Tadanobu, his retainer who is supposed to have returned to his hometown. In the past, in order to shake off his pursuers, Yoshitsune committed his beloved mistress, Shizuka Gozen, to the care of Tadanobu, ordering him to protect her. This time however, the retainer does not seem to understand what his master is talking about.
  Soon, Shizuka Gozen shows up and then wonders why Tadanobu, who was with her until just a short while ago, is already there. This strange happening and a curious story about “Hatsune no Tsuzumi” – a hand drum Yoshitsune handed to Shizuka Gozen when they separated – give Yoshitsune a hint that the hand drum will serve as a clue to solving the mystery.
  At the direction of Yoshitsune, Shizuka Gozen taps the drum when she is alone. And sure enough, Tadanobu appears out of nowhere. Tadanobu turns out to be Genkurō Gitsune – a little fox who accompanied Shizuka Gozen in the shape of the human retainer. Revealing its true colors, the little fox begins to talk about the secret related to the drum. 

  Depicting a little fox longing for its parents, this piece – commonly known as “Shinokiri” – is especially popular among numerous Kabuki programs. The main character Genkurō Gitsune speaks with a unique theatrical elocution known as kitsune-kotoba, or “fox talk,” and displays quick-changes in the transformation scenes. This piece is full of the charms unique to Kabuki, such as staging in which the fox appears from an unexpected place.
  This performance employs double casting – two actors alternating in a specific role – including for the main characters Satō Tadanobu and Genkurō Gitsune, this time performed by NAKAMURA Shikan and NAKAMURA Hashinosuke, who are actually father and son. You are sure to be thrilled by this popular Kabuki piece presented by very well-cast actors ranging from veterans to shining new stars.
  Prior to the live performance, the Guidance: “How to Appreciate Kabuki” program also will be provided, offering easy-to-understand tips for appreciating this play. We invite you to enjoy the National Theatre’s Kabuki Performance for Beginners – a perfect choice even for Kabuki first-timers!