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National Theatre (Small Theatre)
Mai no Kai 
- Keihan no Zashikimai (Traditional Kyoto-Osaka Dance) -

This dance performance, which has long been gaining popularity in the years after the opening of the National Theatre, features Zashiki-mai, which has been performed mainly at Japanese-style banquets in the pleasure quarters of the Keihan (Kyoto and Osaka) area. On this occasion, for the very last performance of Mai no Kai in the original National Theatre, the iemoto (grand master) and sōke (head family) of the four major schools representing Kamigata (the Kyoto-Osaka area) – Inoue, Umemoto, Yamamura and Yoshimura – come together for the first time in 11 years, performing in tandem with talented dancers that include both leading figures and young talent.
Please appreciate the charms of Zashiki-mai infused with sensitive poetic sentiments through these masterpieces featuring their own appeal, including a tsuyamono (love story) lyrically expressing a woman’s heart; a light and humorous sakumono (type of comic song); and an elegant and prestigious hongyōmono (piece derived from Noh plays).

Performance Date
Nov. 26(Saturday)

Performance Time
12:00 -14:30
15:30 - 18:00
* End times are estimates and may vary.
* There will be intermission.

【12:00 start】
Jiuta : Neya no Ōgi
Yoshimura Yukari

Jiuta : Hayafune
Yamamura Waka

Jiuta : Miyako Jūnitsuki
Umemoto Senshō

Jiuta : Yashima
Inoue Mameka

Kamigatauta : Fumitsuki
Umemoto Umesakuya

Jiuta : Kigisu
Yoshimura Kishō, Yoshimura Teruyuki

【15:30 start】
Jiuta: Cha-ondo
Yoshmura Nao

Jiuta : Kantan
Inoue Yasuko

Jiuta : Naniwa Jūnitsuki
Yamamura Tomogorō

Kamigatauta : Kiri no Ame
Umemto Umekinuhana

Jiuta : Masazuki
Yamamura Hikari

Jiuta : Tamatori Ama
Inoue Yachiyo

Jikata (Musical accompaniment) : 
Tomiyama Seikin / Kikuhara Kōji / Matsunami Senju and others
Hayashi (Percussion instrument):
Tōsha Rokō Renchū

* Audio guide: Not available.
* Subtitles: Available only in Japanese.
* English synopsis is available. Please ask at the reception desk.

Tickets for Each Program (Tax included)
Adults = 8,000yen  /  Students = 5,600yen 
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Booking Opens
Oct.18, 2022

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