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Traditional Japanese Music

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    National Theatre (Small Theatre)
    July 2021   Traditional Japanese Music Performance

    Opening the Door to Traditional Japanese Music

    Performance Date
    July 24(Sat.), 2021

    Performance Time
    4:00 p.m - 5:40 p.m
    * End time is estimate and may vary.

    Immerse yourself in the current form of Japanese music based on traditional techniques.
    Enjoy selected masterpieces from classical to new creative works!

    In Japan, there is a wide variety of music genres, from pop to rock to classical. In each genre, each artist has their own style and listeners have own taste or favorite tunes, as well.
    This National Theatre performance, “Opening the Door to Traditional Japanese Music,” presents several outstanding masterpieces in traditional Japanese music from among our many genres. You are sure to enjoy the charm of Sōkyoku (koto music) and Nagauta, in contrast to popular music that is widely enjoyed. Please savor this appealing Japanese music that embraces new possibilities while maintaining the exquisite artistic techniques of its forerunners.

    Obina Kuniko, Kineya Mitsuya
    Talk Guest : Gotoh Masafumi (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION)
    MC : Doi Komaki (FM802)

    Mizu no Hentai
    Endo Chiaki, Obina Kuniko

    Kineya Mitsuya, Kineya Gokichiro, Tanaka Den'ichiro, Fukuhara Kan and others

    *Audio guide: Not available.
    *Subtitles : Available only in Japanese
    *English synopsis is available. Please ask at the reception desk.

    Tickets (Tax included)
    Adult = 3,500 yen / Student = 2,500 yen
    Seating plan

    Booking Opens
    June 18 (Fri.), 2021

    Box Office
    0570-07-9900 (From overseas: +81-3-3230-3000) in Japanese and English
    (10:00AM - 6:00PM)


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    available from December 19 (Sat.), 2020

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