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October 2021 Traditional Japanese Music

National Theatre Tokyo 55th Anniversary
The History of Japanese Music Ⅳ - Fue & Shakuhachi -

Performance Date: October 9(Sat.)
Performance Time: 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.   *End time is an estimate and may vary.
Venue : National Theatre (Small Theatre)

The History of Japanese Music will focus on traditional Japanese musical instruments and introduce the charm of the music they can make based on their historical transition. This popular series has featured koto, biwa and shamisen performances up to now. This time, we shine the spotlight on Japanese wind instruments: the fue (flute) and shakuhachi. This is a rescheduled performance from the one originally planned last year. You’re sure to enjoy the charm of traditional Japanese music and gain a greater appreciation of the characteristics of the musical instruments through a wide variety of performance styles, such as Gagaku, Nohgaku, Nagauta, Shakuhachi-Honkyoku (a classical solo repertoire for shakuhachi), Sankyoku (classical ensemble music with shakuhachi, koto and shamisen), as well as contemporary music. The demonstration and commentary segment will also showcase precious Japanese instruments that are rarely seen in everyday life. We’re pleased to be able to present this easy-to-understand commentary featuring the latest in camera technology.

Gagaku: Konju

Demonstration & Commentary:
Nishikawa Kohei, Morishige Yukitoshi

Nohgaku: Shin no Netori / Ataka
Kanze Yoshimasa, Takeichi Manabu, Kichisaka Ichiro

Nagauta: Tokiwa no Niwa
Kineya Toshimitsu, Toon Ajimi Jun, Kineya Gotaro, Kineya Gosaburo, Kineya Gosuke, Imafuji Tatsuichiro, Fukuhara Tetsuhiko, Tosha Roei

Shakuhachi: Yamato Choshi / Takiotoshi
Shimura Zenpo

Demonstration & Commentary:
Nomura Hozan, Morishige Yukitoshi

Sankyoku: Mushi no Musashino
Endo Chiaki, Kamijo Taeko, Fujiwara Dozan

Contemporary music: IN THE END WAS THE WORD

New piece composed by Gondai Atsuhiko (commissioned by National Theatre)
Yagi Chiaki, Izaki Yoshiyuki, Shimeno Moriyuki, Hosei Haruhisa, Kato Toshihiko, Sumigawa Takeshi, Obama Akihito, Tajima Ken'ichi, Harago Kaizan, Jin Rei, Kawamura Kizan, Kuroda Reison, Ohira Kensuke and Saito Setsujo

*Audio guide: No audio guide available.
*Subtitles: Available only in Japanese. Displayed on screen beside the stage.
*English synopsis is available. Please ask at the reception desk.

Tickets(Tax included)
Adults = 5,500 yen
Students = 3,900 yen
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