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Bunraku performance

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    Bunraku performance

    Imoseyama Onna Teikin
    (Husband and Wife Mountains: A Mirror of Virtuous Women)

     → What's "Imoseyama Onna Teikin " (INVITATION TO BUNRAKU)

    Performance Date : May 11(Sat.) - May 27(Mon.)

    Performance Time :
    《 Part 1 》 10:30 - 15:05
    《 Part 2 》 15:45 - 21:00
    *End times are estimates and could vary.

    Venue : National Theatre(Small Theatre) 

    *Audio guide: Available for rent in English and Japanese. Click here for details.
    *Subtitles: Available only in Japanese. Displayed on screen beside the stage.
    *English synopsis is available. It is included in the paid Japanese program.

    Price (Including Tax) :
    1st Grade = 7,300yen
    2nd Grade = 6,100yen
    3rd Grade = 1,800yen
    1st Grade = 5,100yen
    2nd Grade = 3,100yen
    3rd Grade = 1,300yen 
    Seating plan

    Reservations (Telephone / Internet) : available from Apr. 7, 2019

    Box Office
     +81-3-3230-3000 (10:00 - 18:00(JST)) in Japanese and in English
    Internet reservations : https://ticket.ntj.jac.go.jp/top_e.htm

    Counter Sales : available from Apr. 8, 2019

     The May program of the National Theatre (Small Theatre) features a full-length performance of “Imoseyama Onna Teikin,” a masterpiece by Chikamatsu Hanji (1725 - 1783) first presented in 1771. It is an epic taken from early Japanese history, weaving together history, legend and myth. The country chafes under the domination of the dictator Iruka, but he is magically invulnerable and can only be killed by a weapon carrying the blood of a sacred deer and the blood of a jealous woman. But more than a supernatural political tale, this is a play of love, sacrifice and human tragedy. This performance follows the stories of Shibaroku, the man who sacrifices himself by killing the deer, two rival families who are only alike in being dominated by the dictator until a tragedy reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet brings them together and Omiwa, the daughter of a sake dealer who is goaded into a jealous fury to produce the blood needed to finally vanquish the dictator.

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