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National Theatre Farewell Performanes Upon the Reconstruction Project - Towards a New Adventure -
Sponsored by ACA National Arts Festival

Kabuki Performances in November

Performance Dates : November 2 (Wed.) - 25 (Fri.), 2022
No Performance on 7 (Mon.) , 16 (Wed.) and 23 (Wed.)
*Closed for Private Event: 17 (Thu.)
Venue : National Theatre (Large Theatre)

Performance Time
12:00AM - 3:40PM (There will be intermission.)
6:30PM - 8:45PM (There will be no intermission.)

*End times are estimates and could vary.

〇 : Matinee (from 12:00AM)

I: Denchū de Gozaru
 - Daikagura -
II: Nakamura Nakazō

Kanadehon Chūshingura
Act V, Scene 1: The Yamazaki Highway - The Encounter -
Act V, Scene 2: The Yamazaki Highway - Two Bullets -
Act VI: Yoichibei's house - Kampei's Suicide -

★: Evening Show (from 6:30PM)

Nakamura Nakazō

Kanadehon Chūshingura
Act V, Scene 2: The Yamazaki Highway - Two Bullets -
Act VI: Yoichibei's house - Kampei's Suicide -

Syunpūtei Koasa
Nakamura Shikan
Nakamura Matsue
Nakamura Kashō
Nakamura Baika
Ichikawa Emiya
Ichimura Manjirō
Nakamura Karoku
and others

Ticket Prices (including tax)
〇 : Matinee (from 12:00AM)
[1st Grade]  Adults: 10,000 yen (Students: 7,000 yen)
[2nd Grade] Adults: 8,000 yen (Students: 5,600 yen)
[3rd Grade]  Adults: 3,500 yen (Students: 2,500 yen)
★: Evening Show (from 6:30PM)
[1st Grade]  Adults: 9,000 yen (Students: 6,300 yen)
[2nd Grade] Adults: 7,000 yen (Students: 4,900 yen)
[3rd Grade]  Adults: 3,000 yen (Students: 2,100 yen)

Seating Plan

*Audio guide: Available for rent in Japanese. Click here for details of audio guide.
*Subtitles: Not available.
*English synopsis is available. It is included in the paid Japanese brochure.

Booking Opens
October 13 (Thu.), 2022 

Box Office
 0570-07-9900 (From overseas: +81-3-3230-3000) in Japanese and English (10:00AM-6:00PM)

Counter Sales at the Theatre 
available from October 14 (Fri.), 2022

in Japanese


Following Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura in October, the second Kabuki Performance of “National Theatre Farewell Performances” presents Kanadehon Chūshingura, one of the three greatest masterpieces of Gidayū Kyōgen. This time, a special event entitled “Kabuki & Rakugo - Collab Chūshingura” casts the spotlight on Chūshingura from the perspective of both Kabuki and Rakugo.

[Rakugo] “Denchū de Gozaru” “Nakamura Nakazō”
As a Rakugo performance related to Chūshingura, two stories are presented: Denchū de Gozaru, based on a short story by Kikuchi Kan that accurately depicts the historic incident of bloodshed in the Matsu no Rōka (main grand corridor in Edo Castle), and Nakamura Nakazō , the self-made success story of the title character – a great actor who taxed his ingenuity in preparing for the role of Ono Sadakurō, who appears only in Act V of the Kabuki Chūshingura.

[Kabuki] “Kanadehon Chūshingura” Act V and Act VI
Hayano Kanpei, a warrior who was sharing intimate time with his beloved Okaru, failed to rush to the site where his master Enya Hangan was slashed at Kōno Moronao. Ashamed of himself, Kanpei has since been staying with Okaru and her family in their hometown.

One night, on his way back from hunting, Kanpei comes upon Senzaki Yagorō, one of Hangan’s retainers. Kanpei asks Yagorō to let him join them in their pursuit of the vendetta against Moronao. Yagorō answers evasively, saying they need a fund to achieve this purpose. (Teppō Watashi [The Encounter])

In the meantime, Okaru’s father Yoichibē learns of the decision of his daughter, who worries about Kanpei’s plight, to be sold as a courtesan to the Ichimonjiya licensed quarters in Gion. He cuts the deal for her, and then hurries home with the money he has just received. On the way, however, he is killed and robbed of the money by Ono Sadakurō, a former retainer of the Enya family. Kanpei the hunter, who mistook Sadakurō for an animal, accidentally shoots him dead. Realizing that he has killed a human, Kanpei breaks down. In the darkness, he touches a purse on the dead man’s body. After picking it up, he darts away. (Futatsudama [Two Bullets])

The following day, Osai, the female proprietor of Ichimonjiya, comes to get Okaru. Osai shows her a striped purse, saying that she gave the same purse to Yoichibē the previous night. Kanpei assumes that he shot Yoichibē, and yet he can’t help but see off Okaru silently. Soon, the dead body of Yoichibē is carried into the house. Feeling suspicious about Kanpei’s behavior, Okaru’s mother Okaya claims that he killed Yoichibē. Hara Gōemon and Senzaki (Yagorō) then arrive to convey the message from their leader Ōboshi Yuranosuke that they cannot accept the money offered by Kanpei, who ran off with Okaru. In humiliation and disgrace, Kanpei commits seppuku; and in his dying breath he begins to talk about everything that has happened so far. (Kanpei Harakiri [Kanpei’s Suicide])

For this performance, Shunpūtei Koasa, a Rakugo performer who appeals to a wide range of ages with his diverse activities, serves as the Rakugo narrator. In Kabuki Chūshingura, Hayano Kanpei is performed by Nakamura Shikan, who has added depth to his acting skills in various genres ranging from jidaimono to sewamono. This joint performance of Kabuki and Rakugo is said to be unprecedented and is truly a must-see on our stage.

The evening show, entitled “Collab Chūshingura ☆Essence☆,” which we encourage the workers in the near-by offices to attend before heading home, presents the Rakugo “Nakamura Nakazō” and Kabuki Chūshingura Act V “Futatsudama (Two Bullets),” in a performance that condenses the charms of both pieces.

The National Theatre invites you to enjoy this wonderful collaboration of the traditional performing arts – a colorful event in keeping with the hues of autumn, which we believe is the best season for art.