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National Theatre (Large Theatre)
August 2021  Special Program

Nihon no Taiko(Taiko Drums of Japan)

Performance Date
August 7(Sat.), 2021

Performance Time
1:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
* End time is an estimate and may vary.

Part Ⅰ Commentary
Charm of Taiko Drums
  Hayashi Eitetsu / Eitetsu FU-UN no KAI

Part Ⅱ Ten Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake – Supporting Reconstruction *The video of the performance will be shown.
Gyozan-ryu Mitobe Shishi Odori
  Gyozan-ryu Mitobe Shishi Odori Hozonkai(Miyagi Pref.)
Urahama Nenbutsu Kenbai
  Urahama Nenbutsu Kenbai Hozonkai(Iwate Pref.)

Part Ⅲ Hayashi Eitetsu 50th Anniversary as a Drummer
Musical Suite "Reonard Ware ni Hane Tabe"
  Hayashi Eitetsu / Eitetsu FU-UN no KAI / Araya Shoko

*English synopsis is available. Please ask at the reception desk.

Tickets (Tax included)
Adults : 1st Grade = 6,000yen 2nd Grade = 4,000 yen 
Student : 1st Grade = 4,200 yen 2nd Grade = 2,800 yen

Booking Opens
July 18 (Sun.), 2021

Box Office
0570-07-9900 (From overseas: +81-3-3230-3000) in Japanese and English
(10:00AM - 6:00PM)


Counter Sales at the Theatre 
available from July 19 (Mon.), 2021

in Japanese

       This special program, “Nihon no Taiko,” introduces the charm of the taiko drums of Japan, as one of the cultural events held during the Tokyo Olympic Games. The program begins with commentary and a demonstration by Hayashi Eitetsu, the leading Japanese drum performer who this year marks his 50th anniversary as a taiko drummer, and his drum ensemble Eitetsu FU-UN no KAI. The next folk performance of taiko drumming, originating from the Tohoku area, is being presented to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and honor the reconstruction that has followed. The program concludes with a florid and powerful taiko suite by Hayashi Eitetsu, Eitetsu FU-UN no KAI and Araya Shōko.
With the power to both brace and soothe people’s spirits, the sounds of taiko empower the soul. The aerial vibrations created by the drumbeats, the booming of the drum echoing through the body ― these are experiences you can only have by sharing space with live performers. Please join us for this outstanding National Theatre event.