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Kabuki performance"Zoho Futatsu Domoe"

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    National Theatre (Large Theatre)
    December 2018 Kabuki Performance

    Written by Segawa Joko Ⅲ
    Zoho Futatsu Domoe
    ーIshikawa Goemonー

    Performance Date
    December 3(Mon.) -26 (Wed.)

    Performance Time
    12:00 p.m. - 4:20 p.m. < except 13 (Thurs.) >
    4:00 p.m. - 8:20 p.m. < 13 (Thurs.) >
    *End times are estimates and may vary.

    Nakamura Kichiemon
    Nakamura Karoku
    Nakamura Matagoro
    Onoe Kikunosuke
    Nakamura Matsue
    Nakamura Kasho
    Nakamura Tanenosuke
    Nakamura Yonekichi
    Nakamura Kichinojo
    Arashi Kitsusaburo
    Otani Keizo
    Nakamura Kinnosuke
    Nakamura Jakuemon
    Nakamura Tozo 
    and others

    Tickets(Tax included)
    Superior Grade = 12,500yen
    1st Grade A = 9,800yen
    1st Grade B = 6,400yen
    2nd Grade A = 4,900yen
    2nd Grade B = 2,700yen
    3rd Grade = 1,800yen
    Superior Grade = 8,800yen
    1st Grade A = 6,900yen
    1st Grade B = 4,500yen
    2nd Grade A = 3,400yen
    2nd Grade B = 1,900yen
    3rd Grade = 1,300yen
    Seating plan

    *Audio guide: Available for rent in English and Japanese. Click here for details.
    *Subtitles: No subtitles available.
    *English synopsis is available. It is included in the paid Japanese program.

    Booking Opens
    available from November 6, 2018

    Box Office
     +81-3-3230-3000 (10:00AM - 6:00PM) in Japanese and in English
    Internet reservations : http://ticket.ntj.jac.go.jp/top_e.htm

    Counter Sales 
    available from November 7, 2018
    (Business hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM )

    Zoho Futatsu Domoe-Ishikawa Goemon (The Thief, Ishikawa Goemon)
    The December kabuki program at the National Theatre is a rare full-length performance of “Zoho Futatsu Domoe” with scenes which have not been performed over 50 years. It is a play about the famous larger-than-life thief in 16th century, starring Living National Treasure Nakamura Kichiemon flying through the air.
    The farmer Jizaemon robs and kills a lady-in-waiting who is pregnant with a child of a daimyo lord. He nurses the child Goemon born then. 26 years later, he kills his beloved daughter by mistake as he tries to kill himself to remonstrate Goemon who has become a thief. As Jizaemon shows him the family tree his natural mother had, Goemon learns that he is the son of the late Ouchi Yoshihiro, a powerful warlord of West Japan, and becomes ambitious to take over Japan.
    He disguises himself as the Imperial envoy and enters the mansion of the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshiteru, but his bosom friend Konoshita Tokichiro Hisayoshi unmasks him. Goemon hides in a giant basket, which then flies through the air. As the basket goes to the ceiling of the theatre, suddenly Goemon bursts out and travels triumphantly through the sky. But all the scenes before were his dream. Hisayoshi, disguised as a pilgrim, passes by and notices the fugitive Goemon.
    In Goemon’s house in town, his second wife Otaki is cold to her foster son Goroichi and he is sorry to see that. Goroichi stabs her by mistake and she dies feeling concerns for Goroichi’s future. Goemon is choked with tears as he learns her true feeling and feels remorse for being a thief. Hisayoshi has caught Goroichi and appears with him in front of Goemon who is run down by the police. Goemon declines Hisayoshi’s generous offer and sets out quiet in bonds for the execution ground.

    in Japanese