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Special programs of Engei performance

Special programs of Engei performance

Venue:Kioi Small Hall

Performance Date: July.15(Mon)

Performance Time:14:00-17:00

Admission(Including Tax) :
General Admission:3,400yen

Seating plan

Reservations (Telephone / Internet):
available from 10:00a.m. Tuesday, June.18
Ticket Centre :81-3-3230-3000 (10:00-18:00(JST))
Internet : https://ticket.ntj.jac.go.jp/top_e.htm

in Japanese

National Engei(Entertainments) Hall puts many different kinds of popular entertainments on the stage. For example, "Rakugo(Japanese Traditional comic
storytelling)","Kodan(Vaudeville storytelling)","Rokyoku(Japanese Traditional reciting)","Manzai(Comicdialogue)","Kyokugei(Acrobatics)","Kijyutsu(Japanese Traditional Magic)", and so on.
The program is consisted mostly of narrative performances. Please be aware that there is no English translation available.