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Traditional Japanese Music performance (Bunraku Sujoruri)

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    Traditional Japanese Music performance (Bunraku Sujoruri)

    Performance Date: August 22 Sat., 2020
    Performance Time: 1:00 pm (scheduled to end at 4:00 pm)

    -Hiyoshimaru Wakaki no Sakura (The Exploits of Hiyoshimaru)

    -Shōutsushi Asagao Banashi (The Tale of Morning Glory)

    -Koi Nyōbō Somewake Tazuna (The Two-Colored Reins)

    Price (including tax): 4,200yen / Student 2,900yen
    Seating Plan

    Sale Schedule:
     Online Sale & Telephone Reservation = from July 18 Sat., 2020 
     Box Office Sale = from July 19 Sun., 2020

    National Theatre Ticket Centre
     Telephone: 0570-07-9900 / 03-3230-3000(IP phone)[Business hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm]

    Please note:
    This performance is played by the narrators (Tayū) and the shamisen players WITHOUT puppets.

    *Subtitles:Available only in Japanese. Displayed on screen above the stage.

    *Synopsis:Available in English.  Please ask at the reception desk.