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October 18, 2019

The Japan Cultural Expo features several events that showcase the beauty and culinary arts of Edo in Nihonbashi.

Japan Cultural Expo in Nihonbashi

Nihonbashi is a fascinating district in Tokyo where people have enjoyed a diverse range of cultural activities since the Edo period. The Japan Cultural Expo features several events that showcase the beauty and culinary arts of Edo in Nihonbashi. Visitors can also embark on a Japanese important cultural property tour where they can learn about the large concentration of important cultural properties in the Nihonbashi area, or they can take part in one of the many workshops to explore the world of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, Japanese food, and other elements of Japanese culture. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn directly from the owners and staff of traditional restaurants and craft stores in Nihonbashi who are presenting the food and design workshops. Enjoy wonders that you can only experience in Nihonbashi.

“Japan Cultural Expo in Nihonbashi” is FY2019 Japan Cultural Expo Project Presented and Co-presented by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, and Japan Arts Council.

Opening Ceremony

Friday, October 25th
10:30am – 11:30am
Venue: Nihonbashi Taki no Hiroba
In addition to the appearance of special guests, the opening ceremony will feature performances by a traditional machibikeshi fire brigade, kiyari chanting, and other events.

  • Note: In the event of rain, the proceedings will take place at “Nihombashi Galleria” in Nihombashi Takashimaya S.C. (2-5-9, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Edo Design and Edo Food Culture Experience Workshop List

  • ・Experience Edo Culture in Nihonbashi: Edo Machibikeshi and Kiyari
  • ・Nihonbashi Cultural Heritage Tour
  • ・Ukiyo-e Woodblock Printing Demonstration/ Woodblock Print Workshop Ukiyo-e Exhibit and Lecture
  • ・Japanese Confectionery Program (presented by Eitaro Sohonpo)
  • ・Edo Kiriko Glass-Cutting Program (presented by Hanashyo)
  • ・Japanese Paper Design and Paper-Making Program
  • ・Easy and Simple Hors d’oeuvres Program (presented by Kokubu)
  • ・Japanese Book Workshop (presented by Todaya Shoten)
  • ・The Charm of Katsuobushi Reviewing Japanese Food Culture: Bonito Stock
  • ・Making Delicious Coffee Program
  • ・Sharing Japanese Soup with the World ! Making Risotto and Vegetable Soup with Dried Shiitake Mushroom Stock
  • ・Delicious Dried Seaweed Program (presented by Yamamoto Noriten)
  • ・Japanese Calligraphy Program (presented by Yubendo)
  • ・Edo Food Culture Workshop 1: Japanese Food
  • ・Edo Food Culture Workshop 2: Sushi
  • ・Edo Food Culture Workshop 3: Tempura
  • Note: Please refrain from contacting each store directly about contents of the event.
    Participants shall be contacted by e-mail about meeting times and places.
    All prices indicated include tax.
    We will stop accepting registrations once all the places are taken.