Japan Cultural Expo

  • Flame-style Pottery, National Treasure, © Tokamachi City Niigata
  • Noh: Hagoromo (The Feather Robe) © National Noh Theatre
  • Katsushika Hokusai “Under the Wave off Kanagawa, from the series Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji (detail)” The Sumida Hokusai Museum
  • Flowering Chrysanthemum Vase, Kagawa Katsuhiro © The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
  • Ma Yansong / MAD Architects, Tunnel of Light, Photo by Osamu Nakamura

Humanity and Nature in JapanExploring the Arts from Antiquity to the Present

Japan Cultural Expo introduces the arts of Japan to the world, based on the theme of Humanity and Nature, starting in 2019 and running into 2021. The Expo will showcase 10,000 years of the arts, covering fine arts and cultural assets, the performing arts, media arts, music, the literary arts, food, Nature, daily life, design and fashion. This comprehensive expo will also explore the arts in the context of the inclusive society, living with other cultures, and recovery from natural disasters.

The Expo offers unique opportunities to experience Japanese culture, from prehistoric Jomon period pottery, Buddhist statuary, painted folding screens and ukiyo-e, lacquerware and other traditional crafts, textiles such as kimono, Noh and Kabuki performing arts, to anime and manga. All these art forms share the same deep reverence for Nature, which permeates Japanese culture.

We hope that this festival will create exhilarating encounters, deepening respect for diversity, celebrating universality, and aspiring for world peace.

Agency for Cultural Affairs
Japan Arts Council

  • Chinese Junk and Nanban Ship © Kyushu National Museum
  • Twelve Hawks (detail), Suzuki Chokichi © The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
  • Parting Spring (Left), Kawai Gyokudo, Important Cultural Property © The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
  • Parting Spring (Right), Kawai Gyokudo, Important Cultural Property © The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
  • Reconstruction of Futabasaurus suzukii © National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo
  • "MANGA⇔TOKYO" Courtesy of Organization for Promoting Manga and Animation
  • Opera "Yuzuru" © New National Thatre, Tokyo (Photo by Masahiko Terashi)
  • Seated Yakushi Nyorai, National Treasure © Nara National Museum
  • April 2010 Kumiodori Performance "Nido Tekiuchi" © National Theatre Okinawa
  • Armor of domaru type, with varicolored lacing (red at the shoulders), Important Cultural Property © Tokyo National Museum
  • Traditional Ainu Dance: Yuminomai © Japan Tourism Agency
  • “Mahabharata – Nalacharitam” – directed by Satoshi Miyagi (Photo by Masami Hioki)