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[Limited Time Streaming]“Gagaku Performance for Adult Beginners” and “Shōmyō Performance for Adult Beginners” Streaming Video Now Available for Free!

 Since 2014 National Theatre has presented Performance for Beginners series in order to introduce charms of Japanese traditional performing arts to you. In this series after the explanatory part you can enjoy one of the most popular pieces of the genre, thus making it easy to understand and enjoyable for everyone.
 This time we present ‘Gagaku’ and ‘Shōmyō’ which you don’t have many opportunities to encounter among many genres of traditional performing arts.
 In the explanatory part of “Gagaku Performance for Adult Beginners” ‘hichiriki’ which is an essential instrument of Gagaku and plays main melody will be focused. In the performance you will enjoy Bugaku “Konju” which has rich variations of tempo.
 In “Shōmyō Performance for Adult Beginners” in the beginning Tendai Shōmyō will mainly be explained being compared with the arts of many other schools of Buddhism in terms of vocalism, singing techniques and so forth. In the performance you will enjoy Tendai’s “Sange Taiyō Hōyō.”
We are happy if you could feel the diversity of genres of traditional performing arts.

【Date】 Saturday 21st July 2018

【Venue】 National Theatre Small Theatre

[Streaming Period]
Until Tuesday,Jun 30, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. JST (scheduled)

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◆“Gagaku Performance for Adult Beginners”

〈The Explanatory Part> Get to know Gagaku with “Etenraku”
〈The Performance> Bugaku “Konju”

◆“Shōmyō Performance for Adult Beginners”

〈The Explanatory Part> Get familiar with Shōmyō
〈The Performance> Tendai Shōmyō “Sange Taiyō Hōyō”

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