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【Limited Time Streaming】Free Online Streaming of Dance Performance “Renjishi”

This is the third video of the National Theatre filmed dance performance series.
This time we offer you one of the masterpieces of kabuki dance “Renjishi”.

The climax scene where the sacred shishi lions wave their long hair of a white or red wig is well known. However, the first section which depicts the legend of ‘Pushing of the Cub into the Ravine’ is also renowned: The parent shishi lion pushes his cub over a ravine into a deep valley, and the cub manages to climb back again, accordingly the parent brings up the cub. The scene portrays fatherly love as well as anxious and tense moments.

Please do not miss the music – nagauta songs, shamisen and hayashi (accompaniment) – which accords with the dance and vividly livens up the stage.
You can also enjoy the message from Ichiyama Shosen, the parent shishi lion, and Hanayagi Sumizo, the cub shishi lion, speaking about an anecdote of thirty years ago among other things.

【Streaming Period】
Until August 31 (Mon), 2020 at 12:00 p.m. JST (The schedule is subject to change.)

【Watch the Video】 (Below is link to YouTube.)
◆Dance Performance “Renjishi”

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