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Would you like to take a look at Kabuki Actor Training or Kabuki Music Performer Training?

Kabuki has the tradition handed over from generation to generation over four hundred years.
Here there is a path open to young men who aspire to become performers of this art even if they have no qualifications or experiences.
National Theatre conducts training programmes for Kabuki actors and Kabuki music performers in order to train future performers of the art. Applications for the programmes are open to public.
The trainees aiming at performing on the stage in the future practice hard everyday and become actors or music performers after the completion of the training programme.

At this time when you cannot go to the theatre, we would like to invite you to take a look at perspiration, tears and dreams of the trainees behind the bright and colorful stage and also strong determination and affection of the trainers who are active performers themselves.
You can see the scene of practice session.
Please enjoy!


【The Scene of Practice Session】
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