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National Theatre November 2019 Kabuki Performance
“Kokō no Yūshi Musume Kagekiyo: Hyūga-jima”
Invitation to Single Act Seats

 We offer you a one of a kind opportunity to experience Kabuki. Witness this UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, at the National Theatre, which neighbors the Imperial Palace’s Hanzōmon Gate, surrounded by lush foliage. Generally, it takes four hours to watch an entire Kabuki play. However, our single act tickets allow you to choose whichever the act you prefer, purchase a ticket at a reasonable price and enjoy the act without spending much time. It is the best option for those who are planning to travel to Japan or go sightseeing in Tokyo. An English synopsis of the whole story line, which will be handed out for free, allows you to grasp the entire plot even if you see only one act. Furthermore, if you are interested in having a deeper understanding, an English audio guide (paid) is available, which explains the highlights of actors’ performances, etc., according to the progress of the story.

[How to purchase tickets]

・ Single Act Tickets will be available for all the acts on the day at the National Theatre Box Office from 10:00 a.m. These tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.
・ The number of available seats is limited to 24 in each Act. Please understand if the tickets are sold out.
・ Services of seat selection, advance tickets, telephone/online reservation and any discount fares are NOT available.
・ Please note that we accept cash only.
 * The resale of tickets for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

[How to enter]

・ Once you have purchased your ticket, please gather in front of the Single Act Seats signboard at the Large Theatre entrance. Meeting time for each act is shown in the table below. We will take you to your seats as soon as everyone is gathered.After the act, the staff will usher you to the exit door.
・ Please note that you may be asked to show your ticket to ensure that seats are not accidentally used by non-ticket holders.
 * The start and end time may vary.

● The Audio Guide is available for rent in Japanese and English. Special rental fee for Single Act Tickets: 500 yen/device.
(Please pay 1,000 yen as a deposit. A deposit will be returned once the audio guide is returned.)

November 2019 Kabuki Performance
“Kokō no Yūshi Musume Kagekiyo: Hyūga-jima”

Single Act Ticket Prices


A Opening Act
Kamakura Ōkura Gosho no Ba

Act 2
Nanto Tōdai-ji Daibutsu Kuyō no Ba
¥4,000 11:45

<Break: 15 mins.>
12:45 13:15
<Break: 35 mins.>
B Act 3
Tegoshi-no-shuku Hanabishi-ya no Ba
¥3,000 13:35 13:50 14:25
<Break: 10 mins.>
Act 4
Hyūga-jima Hamabe no Ba
Hyūga-nada Kaijō no Ba
¥3,500 14:20 14:35 15:40

* Time for gathering and start/end time may change. Please check the schedule on our website etc., before you come.
Performance Date: November 2 (Sat.) – 25 (Mon.)