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[Limited Time Streaming] ‘Exhibition “Enoken” to Mark the 50th Anniversary of his Death’ Streaming Video Now Available for Free! 


In view of the situation that the government lifted the state of emergency in Tokyo, we will reopen the exhibition “Enoken” to mark the 50th anniversary of his death which for a while postponed in order to reduce infectious risk of new coronavirus. The exhibition will be held until November 23 (Mon, holiday) at Exhibition Room of National Engei Museum.
At the same time, we have produced a video which traces the life of Enoken, the king of comedy in Japan, in order that you could enjoy seeing the contents of the exhibition at home.
You can enjoy the video streaming for free on the National Theatre official YouTube channel until November 23 at 17:00 JST.
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 【Streaming Period】
Until November 23 (Mon, holiday) at 17:00 JST

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【About the Exhibition】

Exhibition of Popular Entertainment:“Enoken” to Mark the 50th Anniversary of his Death

Period: until November 23 (Mon, holiday)

The opening time:10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The closed days:September 23-25,27-30
October 21,22,26,28-30

The venue: Exhibition Room, the ground floor of National Engei Museum
The Entry Restriction: up to 8 people (To secure appropriate social-distancing.)
Supervisor: Mr. Hara Kentarō (researcher of popular entertainment)
※The closed days are subject to change, depending on performance schedules.
※For the time being, the entry restriction is applied as shown above.

Prewar, during and after the war which mostly coincide Showa period, Enomoto Ken’ichi, called by the nickname Enoken, ran jauntily through the ages filling all over Japan with laughter. He never stopped creating new styles and contents of comedy along with his talented companions.
He adopted jazz, the very latest music of the time, and his stage was filled with nonsense gags and girls’ songs and dances, thus his shows captivated the audience in Tokyo. And before long the films in which he starred quickly made Enoken popular throughout the country.
He died on January 7, 1970 (Showa 45th) at the age of 65. Enoken who was called ‘King of Comedy in Japan’ in his last years attacked by diseases and sometimes sank into the depths of despair. Even so, he never lost his enthusiasm for comedy.
The National Theatre owns a good stock of his mementos donated by his family. Although the exhibition of this time consists of only a part of the collection, it has a great significance for the visitors of today the majority of whom belong to the generations who do not know ‘Enoken’. How the comedy which Enoken and his companions aimed and created is appreciated at present and in the future?