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【Limited Time Streaming】“Honcho Nijushiko (24 Paragons of Filial Piety in Japan)” Streaming Video Now Available for Free!

National Bunraku Theatre offers ‘Honcho Nijushiko’ performed in April 2018 as its 5th edition of streaming video series. This edition is available free of charge on the National Theatre’s official YouTube channel until August 17, 2020.

The widow of Yamamoto Kansuke, a strategist in Shinshu, lives with two sons, Yokozo and Jihizo. The mother always favors Yokozo, the elder son who is a rogue. One day Nagao Kagekatsu visits from Echigo to employ Yokozo as his retainer during the brothers’ absence; and the mother agrees on behalf of Yokozo.
The mother demands Yokozo – quarreling with Jihizo over the whereabouts of the secret book of tactics, ‘Rikuto Sanryaku’, which their father left - to commit seppuku (suicide by self-disembowelment) in place of Kagekatsu. Hearing that, Yokozo disfigures himself by stabbing one of his eyes with his sword, declares that he can never become the substitute as a result.
He then reveals that he has secretly pledged himself to Takeda Shingen and has looked after the son of the deceased Shogun. Yokozo announces that he will succeed his father’s name Yamamoto Kansuke. Meanwhile, Jihizo turns out to be a retainer of the Nagao clan, Naoe Yamashironosuke. The two brothers promise to meet again on the battlefield.

【Streaming Period】
Until August 17 (Mon), 2020 at 12:00 p.m. JST (The schedule is subject to change.)

【Watch the Video】 (Below is link to YouTube.)
◆The Act of Kagekatsu Geta, The Act of Kansuke Sumika:‘Honcho Nijushiko’

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