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【Exhibition】 Now, let’s get to know Kabuki!

With over four hundred years of history, kabuki has brought forth distinctive expression techniques in makeup, costumes, acting, and other performance aspects. They were refined through long tradition and are now regarded as a unique theatrical expression worldwide, retaining an exceptional artistic value.

Additionally, kabuki has produced compelling stories that stir the audience's minds while skillfully incorporating well-known theater and literature works and real-life incidents.

Kabuki’s expression and stories can be described as fruits of wisdom and aesthetics, created together by actors, playwrights, artisans, and audiences of different periods.

This exhibition serves as an introduction, presenting kabuki’s basic conventions and how to enjoy them in an easy-to-understand manner for those who will watch kabuki for the first time and those who want to learn a little more about kabuki.

Supervised by Kenji Yanai,
a professor of Literature at Meiji University


June 2 (Thu)-Oct 26 (Wed), 2022




July 1 (Fri) ,2022


Traditional Performing Arts Information Centre/ Information Exhibition room (first floor)
(on the premises of National Theatre)



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