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Discover KABUKI

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    Discover KABUKI

    National Theatre (Large Theatre)
    June 16, 2017

    PartⅠ:"How to Appreciate KABUKI in English"
    PartⅡ:Experience the live performance of Kabuki"Kenuki"

    NAKAMURA Hayato
    KISA Ayako

    NAKAMURA Kinnosuke
    KATAOKA Takataro

    Tickets(Tax included)
    1st  Grade 3,900yen
    2nd Grade 1,500yen
    Seating plan
    *A special discount price is available for students and disabled guests. Please inquire at the Box Office for details.
    *Audio guide rental service is included in the ticket price of this program. Available languages are Japanese, English, Chinese(Mandarin), Spanish, and Korean.

    Booking Opens
    May 6,2017 

    Box Office
     +81-3-3230-3000 (10:00 - 18:00(JST))in Japanese and in English

    Counter Sales 
    available from May7, 2017

    In this program,Kabuki,one of the Japanese traditional performing arts, is perfomed along with a commentary.

    PartⅠ: "How to Appreciate KABUKI in English"
    PartⅡ: Experience the live performance of Kabuki "Kenuki"

    Estimated Run Time 
    Estimated Run Time

    Multilingual week
    June 17-June 24
    During the multilingual week, audio guide service is available in Chinese, Korean and Spanish, in addition to Japanese and English (700yen per person).

    in Japanese